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CONFIG_SYSTEMS is a configuration package for configuring source systems for SOURCE entities.

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Usage with configuration UI

  1. Open the configuration package from the Designer Package list.

  2. Click Configuration in the package top navigation menu.

  3. In the following page, source systems can be searched, browsed, created and deleted.

  4. To edit a specific source system, click on its name in the source systems list.

  5. In the following page, selected source system can be edited. Also, clicking on Entities leads to a list of entities that use that source system (both active and deleted ones).

Usage with package import/export

  1. Open the configuration package from Designer Package list

  2. Click Export package in the Actions tab.

  3. Click Download.

  4. Edit JSON file.

  5. Import edited JSON back to Designer with Import Package.

After a successful import, changes to the configuration package have been applied to Designer only. It is recommended to deploy the same changes to Runtime environments as well.


Trying to delete a source system that is still used in non-deleted entities will result in an error.

Package JSON contents

Source systems configuration

Source systems configurations are managed inside a JSON array block named sourceSystems.


Value type






Source system's unique id. Value is optional, and if not provided, it will be generated during import.




Source system's unique name, required value. Normally in upper case, and if otherwise, it will be capitalized during import.



Source system's description

Optional value.




Whether source system is considered deleted or not. Supported values are 'true' and 'false'. Deleted source systems no longer show up as possible values during source entity creation or editing.

You can add a new source system, update the contents of an existing one or delete it (only "soft" detetion is available).


Source System Configuration

"sourceSystems": [
    "sourceId": "d5497314-46b0-416f-a8dd-8e619c8c6edc",
    "sourceName": "DV_SOURCE",
    "description": "Source system's description",
    "isDeleted": false

If an existing source system needs to be deleted, simply remove it from the set of values before importing the configuration package, or set the source system's "isDeleted" property to true.

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