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Import Package

Packages can be imported into Agile Data Engine in a JSON or ZIP format.

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Packages can be imported in the Import Package window found in the front page of Designer:

Single package import

A single package can imported as a JSON file by selecting the individual file as shown above.

Multiple packages import

Multiple packages compressed into a zip file can be imported with the following requirements and considerations:

  • A zip file can contain one or multiple package files

  • Package data needs to be provided in individual JSON files

  • The JSON format is the same as in single package import mode

  • An instance of a package must encounter within the zip only once

  • Packages zip can be obtained via "Export all packages", as one example, or hand-picked manually.

  • The zip file size can not exceed 10MB. If that’s the case, there is a need to split it into smaller zip files. Keep in mind that it’s important to keep dependent packages in one zip file otherwise the import will fail. Usually it’s a good practice to process the import files layer by layer starting from staging through rdv/bdv to publish.

  • In case one of the packages fails to import, the successful packages preceding it will remain in the system as imported. Errors are reported in ‘Error Log’ section of the main Designer window.

  • OPTIMISTIC option - does not require the load dependencies for the missing dependencies. It just imports the loads that have sources in place. It might be useful for POC and testing but while using that option keep in mind that it’s easy to overlook the actual dependencies while developing the full package.


Package import is useful in configuration packages. Use Package Actions to export a Package, edit configuration package JSON and use Import Package to import changes to Agile Data Engine.

Packages following templateVersion older than 2.9:

  • In Design environment, if there are any entities using source systems that do not exist - import will fail

  • In Design environment, if there are any non-deleted entities (e.g. a restore attempt) using source systems that are deleted - import will fail

  • In Runtime environment, non-existing source systems used in entities will be created during import

Packages following templateVersion 2.9 or later:

  • Source systems cannot be created during package import, neither in Design nor Runtime environments

  • Package JSON does not contain a sources array anymore

  • Entity's dvSource field is renamed to sourceId

  • If there are any non-deleted entities (e.g. a restore attempt) using source systems that are deleted - import will fail

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