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External API

Edition: SaaS Enterprise

Agile Data Engine External API provides an interface for connecting external services with ADE processes. External API is exclusive for the SaaS Enterprise edition. A Swagger UI is provided which serves as a detailed documentation and enables manual API calls from a user interface mainly for development and testing purposes.


API URLs are in the following format:{tenant}/{installation}/{environment}/...


  • {tenant} is the SaaS tenant, e.g. s1234567.

  • {installation} = datahub

  • {environment} is the environment name, e.g. design, dev, test or prod.

Tenant name is part of the URL of your Agile Data Engine account. Environment names are listed in the Designer front page under Environments.

Access the Swagger UI here. Select the interface with Select a definition.

CLI tool

A command line interface (CLI) tool for using External API is available in Github.


All requests have to be authenticated. When calling the APIs from an external service, authentication is done with an API key and secret which are provided by the Agile Data Engine support team. Also, the public IP address of the service executing the requests has to be allowed by the support team. Allowed IP addresses are configured per API key.

Authentication in the user interface:

  1. Navigate to the Swagger UI.

  2. Select the interface from the top with Select a definition.

  3. Input Tenant, Installation and Environment.

  4. Authorize the requests by pressing Authorize, input your API key and key secret.


Currently External API supports the following features:


Environment Type




Trigger workflows (DAGs) and query workflow run status.



Query the commits, promotion and deployment statuses of package versions per environment. Export package JSON of a certain commit. Control promotions, demotions and deploys.

Run ID


Query, Add, Remove Run IDs per environment and entity.



Get generated runtime load steps of a certain package / a certain entity.



Query ADE metadata using GraphQL.

Please refer to the Swagger UI for detailed instructions.

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