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Release Notes 23.1






Release date

10th of August 2023

Release status


Release type


SaaS Availability


AWS Availability


Azure Availability


Patch release scope

Not applicable | Design | Runtime | SaaS


2.1 Highlights

  • Microsoft Fabric / Synapse DW support in Limited Preview

  • Databricks SQL support in Limited Preview

  • Improved Google BigQuery Support

  • Region Support: UK v1.0

  • External API Endpoints for Metadata Interface and Workflow Statuses

  • Autocompletion feature in Code editor based on Metadata and Configurable keywords and snippets (with CONFIG_AUTOCOMPLETIONS)

  • Search in Package listing

  • Fix with notable change in behavior: From now on the attribute default value is applied for new columns when entity re-create happens

  • Many third party software updates and upgrades

2.2 User Experience Improvements

2.2.1 Designer

  • New search in packages view to allow free text kind of approach

  • New configurable Auto Completions support for the code editor (with CONFIG_AUTOCOMPLETIONS package)

  • Package delete should ask if user wants to commit deletion

  • Pagination for commits

  • Add result count to filter popup-list

  • Add support for all list columns to "select all / reset"

2.2.2 Designer Only use case

  • Enable commit in Designer Only use case

  • Show text for committed packages in Designer Only use case

  • Possibility to support freely named runtimes for environment variables (Designer Only use case)

  • Possibility to declare servername.dbname.schemaname in field schema for entity (Designer Only use case)

  • New Load Option: OPT_DML_OUTPUT_CLAUSE for Merge option to support additional SQL snippet at the end before semicolon (Designer Only use case)

2.2.3 Minor improvements

  • Improvement on ENTITIES_ONLY mode in Data Lineage Visualization

  • In entities screen search field should be auto focused to enable faster usage without additional mouse click

  • Fix to prevent this: Changing load type after load steps have been created will cause load steps to disappear, however they remain active in the background

  • Disable "Create new entity" -button when dialog is open

  • Create/edit physical option: add validation on whether the option already exists

  • Create/edit load: add validation on whether a load name already exists

  • Create/edit load step: add validation on whether a load step name already exists

  • Create/edit load option: add validation on whether a load name already exists

  • Attribute list performance improved

2.3 Deployment Management

  • Re-deployment support for currently deployed package

  • Showing link to deployments in package status indicator with less conditions

  • Change SELECT LANGUAGE to FORMAT in comparison views

  • Change button text "Configure deployment" to "Start deployment"

2.4 Loads

  • New variables in Loads to be referenced: <source_entity_schema> and <source_entity_name>

  • LOAD DATA syntax for LOAD_FILE type of Loads with Google BigQuery

  • Code Preview / SQL Export: remove dbname from Loads (in Stored Procedure case, MS SQL Server)

  • Code Preview / SQL export and GO commands into correct place (MS SQL Server)

  • Code Preview / Export SQL loads as procedure does not add GO between procedures (MS SQL Server)

2.5 Automatic schema evolution

  • Fixed: Synapse change entity distribution style does not trigger entity re-create

  • Fixed: entity recreate change case does not use the default value provided in insert-select

  • Fixed: Attribute description alteration is not executed in case of attribute rename done at same time

2.6 Customer Processes' Connectivity

  • New External API endpoints for searching Workflow/DAG statuses

  • New External API endpoints for querying metadata with GraphQL syntax


3.1 Notable change in behavior in automatic schema changes

There was a bug found that the user given default value setting of an attribute was not used in the entity re-create change case (ADE runs it as INSERT...SELECT statement) for new columns, when an entity has changed so, that entity re-create is required. Now this is fixed and will change the earlier behavior.

3.2 Known Issues

3.2.1 After any update, upgrade, maintenance, there is one-time error in Code Preview / SQL Export

After downtime there comes one-time error related to key already exists when using SQL Export first time. From there on it should work just ok.

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