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OPT_LOAD_POOL is a load option that allows assigning a load into a custom load pool in Workflow Orchestration instead of using the default load pool.

See also:



Load pool name in Workflow Orchestration.


OPT_LOAD_POOL can be used with all loads.

Load pool can also be selected on schedule/DAG level with CONFIG_LOAD_SCHEDULES. OPT_LOAD_POOL overrides a selection done in CONFIG_LOAD_SCHEDULES.


Assigning a load into a custom load pool

Load A is constantly updating a near real-time entity in DW publish. However, when there are other less frequent workflows starting hourly or daily, load A ends up queuing. This happens because load A is in the same load pool as other loads and pool concurrent slots have been limited to 4.

Another load pool is created and load A is assigned into it:

OPT_LOAD_POOL: priority_pool

Load A is now running in a dedicated pool and is no longer affected by other loads in the default pool.

Note: Queuing in the target database
Loads assigned into custom pools may still end up queuing in the target database if there are not enough free nodes to process all concurrent queries.

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