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Notification Events

Edition: SaaS Enterprise

Notification Events is an Agile Data Engine service that allows you to subscribe to various types of events and receive notifications to chosen channels.

Event types

Notification Events supports the following event types:

Notification channels

Notification Events currently supports the following notification channels:

  • Email

  • Slack

  • Azure Event Grid



Notification event subscriptions are configured by Agile Data Engine support. Define the following parameters and send a support request to configure the subscription:

  • Agile Data Engine environments

  • Event types

  • Notification channels

Azure Event Grid

Configuring Azure Event Grid as a notification channel offers flexible options for responding to events originating from Agile Data Engine. For example, Event Grid can be used with Logic Apps to deliver messages to Microsoft Teams or to trigger other actions. Event Grid can also trigger Azure Data Factory pipelines. More info on Event Grid notifications page.


If your organization is using AWS, you can choose for receiving notification events on SNS topics.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) allows you to send notifications to applications like SQS, Data Firehose, Lambda, SMS, push notifications, email and other HTTP endpoints.

More info on SNS notifications page.

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