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Job types

Deployment Management contains different types of jobs:

  • Package jobs

  • Deployment jobs

  • System jobs

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Package jobs

A package job appears to Deployment Management when a package is committed from the Designer for the first time. Changing the package name will also create a new package job.

Package jobs have the same names as the committed packages


For example:


Packages are promoted to Runtime environments in the package job Status tab. See Deployment Management for instructions for the promotion and deployment process.

Unnecessary package jobs can be deleted with System_job_package_removal.

Deployment jobs

Deployment jobs manage the deployment of promoted packages into Runtime environments. There is a separate deployment job for each Runtime environment and target instance in the Agile Data Engine account/installation.

Runtimes and target instances
Usually there are multiple Runtime environments such as DEV, TEST and PROD per Agile Data Engine account/installation. Depending on the edition, each Runtime environment can also have several target instances (target databases). However, usually there is one target database per Runtime environment which is called the default instance.

Deployment jobs are named like:


For example:


Deployment logs are found from deployment jobs. If there are errors in a deployment, find the failed build from the deployment job Build History and see the Console Output.

See Deployment Management for instructions for the promotion and deployment process.

System jobs

System jobs are used for system maintenance.




Can be used for removing unnecessary package jobs from Deployment Management.


Can be used for removing unwanted promotions getting deployed.


Runs automatically when Deployment management is restarted (e.g. after system updates). Preloads cache to speed up operation.

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