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Jenkins UI (deprecated since v23.0)

Deprecated feature
Jenkins UI is a deprecated feature. We highly recommend starting to use the new Deployments after it is enabled in your ADE environment.

Deployment Management is a user interface used to control the deployment process after changes have been committed from the Designer.

Deployment process

This is an overview of the deployment process.

Automatic promotion and deployment

Automatic promotion and deployment is done by committing a package in Designer. This is possible when the deployment settings AUTOMATIC PROMOTION and AUTOMATIC DEPLOY of the Runtime environment are set to true.

  1. A package is committed in Designer in the Commit tab. By committing a package changes made into it are stored into a commit repository.

  2. Deployment Management takes over and proceeds with automatic package promotion and deployment.

Manual promotion

Manual promotion is done inside the package job in Status tab. Package jobs have the same names as the committed packages.

  1. Go to the desired package job.

  2. Promote the package with Proceed:

If the package job has been aborted and is no longer waiting for promotion, it can be promoted by building it again:

  1. Press Build with Parameters.

  2. Select the target environment with promoteToEnvironment, leave other parameters to default and press Build.

Manual deployment

Manual deployment is done by starting the deployment job with Build with Parameters. Deployment jobs are named like:


  1. Go to the desired deployment job.

  2. Select Build with Parameters.

  3. Start the deployment job with Build.

Deployment log

If there are errors in a deployment, find the failed build from the deployment job:

  1. Go to the deployment job (e.g. Deploy_dev_instance_default).

  2. Move the mouse cursor over the latest deployment in the Build history and press the appearing arrow.

  3. Select Console Output.

  4. Press Full Log if needed and look for the failed package job.

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